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TitleClinicDepartmentJob TypeSalary Range
In- house Certified Coder TX: TexarkanaBillingNon-exempt (hourly)PAY DOE
Agent of Creativity aka Daycare TeacherTX- SportsplexAdministrativeNon-exempt (hourly)TBD
Agent of Creativity aka Daycare Teacher - Part Time EveningsTX- SportsplexAdministrativeNon-exempt (hourly)TBD
Community Educator: Choctaw, OKOK: ChoctawMarketingExempt (salaried)$30,000-$36,500
Community Educator: Maumelle, ARAR: MaumelleMarketingExempt (salaried)$30,000-$36,500
Community Educator: Mount Pleasant, TXTX: Mt. PleasantMarketingExempt (salaried)$30,000-$36,500
Community Educator: Paris, TXTX: ParisMarketingExempt (salaried)$30,000-$36,500
Community Educator: Sherwood, ARAR: SherwoodMarketingExempt (salaried)$30,000-$36,500
Front DeskOK: Choctaw, OK: Midwest City, OK: MooreFront DeskNon-exempt (hourly)$10.00
Front Desk (FT)TX: Longview, TX: MarshallFront DeskNon-exempt (hourly)$9-$15
Front Desk - BlanchardLA: ShreveportFront DeskNon-exempt (hourly)$9-$15
Front Desk - Bryant, ARAR: Little RockFront DeskNon-exempt (hourly)$9-$15
Front Desk - Part Time Little Rock, ARAR: Little RockFront DeskNon-exempt (hourly)$9-$15
Front Desk-AtlantaTX: TexarkanaFront DeskNon-exempt (hourly)$9-$15
Front Desk-Pain MgmtTX: Pain Management, TX: TexarkanaFront DeskTBDDOE
Front Desk-TexarkanaTX: TexarkanaFront DeskNon-exempt (hourly)$9-$15
Front Desk-Texarkana- NightsTX: TexarkanaFront DeskNon-exempt (hourly)$9-$15
Front Desk/Nursery WorkerTX- SportsplexSportsplexN/AN/A
GroupX InstructorTX- SportsplexSportsplexTBDN/A
Lab Tech - Full Time - Arkansas Blvd.AR: TexarkanaPatient Care TechsNon-exempt (hourly)$8.50-$10.00
Lab Tech - Full Time - Texarkana, TXTX: TexarkanaPatient Care TechsNon-exempt (hourly)$8.50-$10.00
LPN - Midwest City/MooreOK: Midwest City, OK: MooreNursesNon-exempt (hourly)$14.00-16.00 per hour
LPN / LVN - Longview PRNTX: MarshallNursesNon-exempt (hourly)$14.00-16.00 per hour
LPN / LVN - MarshallTX: MarshallNursesNon-exempt (hourly)$14.00-16.00 per hour
LPN / LVN - Marshall - Part Time WeekendsTX: MarshallNursesNon-exempt (hourly)$14.00-16.00 per hour
LPN / LVN Arkansas BlvdAR: TexarkanaNursesNon-exempt (hourly)$14.00-16.00 per hour
LPN / LVN AtlantaTX: AtlantaNursesNon-exempt (hourly)$14.00-16.00 per hour
LPN / LVN Blanchard - Full Time LA: ShreveportNursesNon-exempt (hourly)$14.00-16.00 per hour
LPN / LVN Blanchard - Temp Position/PRNLA: ShreveportNursesNon-exempt (hourly)$14.00-16.00 per hour
LPN / LVN Longview - FTTX: LongviewNursesNon-exempt (hourly)$14.00-16.00 per hour
LPN / LVN TexarkanaAR: Texarkana, TX: TexarkanaNursesNon-exempt (hourly)$14.00-16.00 per hour
LPN / LVN Texarkana - Full Time Overnight NurseTX: TexarkanaNursesNon-exempt (hourly)$14.00-16.00 per hour
LPN/LVN - Little RockAR: Little RockNursesNon-exempt (hourly)$15.00-17.00 per hour
LPN/LVN - Sherwood, ARAR: SherwoodNursesNon-exempt (hourly)$15.00-17.00 per hour
Medical AssistantTX: TexarkanaDerm and Age MgmtNon-exempt (hourly)DOE
Medical Biller TX: TexarkanaBillingNon-exempt (hourly)PAY DOE
Occ-Med Collector/Technician - TexarkanaTX: TexarkanaSubstance Abuse TestingNon-exempt (hourly)9.50-10.00
Paramedic/EMT/LVNTX: LongviewNursesNon-exempt (hourly)$14.00-16.00 per hour
Patient Accounts BillerTX: TexarkanaBillingNon-exempt (hourly)PAY DOE
Patient Care Technician - TexarkanaTX: TexarkanaPatient Care TechsNon-exempt (hourly)$8.50-$10.00
PCT/Occ-Med Collector - MarshallTX: MarshallPatient Care TechsNon-exempt (hourly)9.00-10.50
Personal TrainerTX- SportsplexSportsplexTBDN/A
PhysicianAR: Texarkana, TX: TexarkanaProvidersExempt (salaried)DOE
Physician Assistant / Nurse Practitioner - Mt Pleasant, TXTX: Mt. PleasantProvidersTBDN/A
Physician Assistant / Nurse Practitioner - Paris, TXTX: ParisProvidersTBDN/A
Physician Assistant / Nurse Practitioner - Sherwood, ARN/AProvidersTBDN/A
Physician Assistant / Nurse Practitioner Longview/MarshallTX: Longview, TX: MarshallProvidersTBDN/A
Physician-Interventional Pain MgmtTX: TexarkanaProvidersExempt (salaried)DOE
Swimming Instructors TX- SportsplexSportsplexTBDN/A
X-Ray Tech - BlanchardLA: ShreveportRadiologyNon-exempt (hourly)DOE
X-Ray Tech-TexarkanaTX: TexarkanaRadiologyNon-exempt (hourly)DOE
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